The St Andrew’s Cathedral Mappa Mundi

This piece was commissioned by Prof Andrew Morrisson (Organist and Master of the Choristers at St Andrew’s Cathedral, Aberdeen), to commemorate his time at the Cathedral.

The painting is based loosely on the Hereford Mappa Mundi and depicts the 61 Cathedrals and churches that the Cathedral Choir have visited (and sung in) during Prof Morrisson’s tenure. As well as the buildings, the major rail routes throughout the UK are shown due to the client’s love of trains. More detailed information can be found on the blog.

A3 prints are available to buy with all proceeds going to the Cathedral Development Fund.

  • Gouache and pen on paper

50cm x 40cm

Eugene Onegin

Poster/Programme illustration for Eugene Onegin (Евгений Онегин) by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

  • Original artwork: papercut


Poster/Programme illustration for Iolanthe by W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan

  • Original artwork: papercut

King’s College Chapel

Cover illustration for the book A History of Music in the University of Aberdeen by Margaret Carlaw and Derek Ogston

  • Original artwork: papercut and collage
  • Finished book

This Day

CD cover illustration for Blossom Street’s album This Day released on Naxos Records

This disc celebrates the 100th anniversary of women gaining the vote in Britain. As well as designing the cover artwork, Jillian performs as a member of Blossom Street on this recording. The album can be purchased from Blossom Street or on iTunes.

  • Original artwork: papercut
  • Final cover design


Cover Illustrations for the book Trees and Woodlands of Stichill Parish by Margaret Carlaw and Derek Ogston.

  • Stichill Linn, Roxburghshire, Scotland
  • Original artwork: gouache, collage, postage stamps, pen, pencil and papercut
  • Finished book

Original artwork 21cm x 30cm

Ae spark o’ Nature’s fire

CD cover artwork for Jillian’s debut solo album released on Luckenbooth Music.

  • Original artwork: gouache, collage, postage stamps, pen and pencil
  • Detail of finished CD sleeve and booklet

Original artwork 39cm x 15cm

Constant Noise

CD cover artwork for the London based band Towma, used on their EP Constant Noise.

  • Original artwork: gouache, collage, postage stamps, pen, pencil, thread and papercut
  • Detail of finished CD sleeve and booklet

Original artwork 32cm x 14cm

Mon Théâtre

Victorian-style paper theatre. Based on elements from designs by Pollock, Mercian and Pellerin, with architectural detailing inspired by the Paris Opéra Garnier.

  • Gouache and pen on paper

19cm x17cm

Archibald Leeche

A selection of illustrations for a children’s book. This is a work in progress and more images will follow.

  • Reading the News (gouache and collage on paper)
  • Flying Machine (gouache and collage on paper)
  • Archibald in Prague (pen & ink and collage on paper)

All 42cm x 30cm